1. Preventing Wine from accessing internet

    By h

    To prevent wine, or any other application, from accessing the internet, the sg command and an iptables rule can be used together nicely.

    First, add the group:

    sudo addgroup nointernet
    sudo adduser $USER nointernet

    Then add firewall rules to prevent outgoing access for that group:

    sudo iptables -A OUTPUT -o ...
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  2. Simplest init script ever

    I ran into a problem of having to write a script with similar functionality to traditional linux init scripts, and I figured there has to be a simple "coreutils" solution for such an everyday task. Turns out I was right!

    nohup flock -n lock <command> # start if not already running ...
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  3. LUKS-encrypted system over multiple disks

    I finally got over to finishing what I have had in mind for a while: a fully LUKS-encrypted system over multiple disks.

    Here is how it works: when the computer boots up, it prompts for a password to decrypt the root partition. After the root partition has been locked, a ...

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  4. How to downgrade Google Hangouts to Google Talk

    Like many other unfortunate users, I went ahead and installed Google Hangouts android app right away when it became available on Google Play. Unfortunately, I did not realize it overwrites Google Talk completely, with no way to downgrade. And it misses a lot of features, like being able to see ...

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